Special Session on Ultra-Low-Voltage and Voltage Scalable ICs

Ultra-Low-Voltage and Voltage Scalable ICs


  • Orazio Aiello, National University of Singapore

Rationale and scope:

The increasing request for ICs operating at lower and lower supply voltages is driven by the will of minimizing the energy per logic operation as Ultra-Low voltages ICs reduce the overall power consumption of any electronic system. Moreover, ultra-low voltage circuits can be harvested by thermal, electrochemical photovoltaic sources of energy as these are able to supply voltages in the order of hundreds of mV avoiding bulky batteries.

The target of this Special session is to show ICs that can be powered by few hundreds of mV and/or are able to operate under an aggressive voltage scaling into the subthreshold regime. This in order to enable IoT sensor nodes just powered by a renewable source of harvested energy.


See the submission page to see how to submit a paper to this session. Special Session papers will undergo similar reviews as any other papers submitted to the conference.