Instructions for preparing a 15-minute presentation video

The sessions will have the format of 15-minute recorded presentations, each followed by up to 5 minutes of interactive Q&A. The video should be in MP4 format, more specifications to follow below.

There are several easy ways to record your video, e.g. using one of the following videoconferencing templates:

You can also use PowerPoint to record voice over slides, and convert the presentation to video:

Technical specifications for the video:

Duration max 15 minutes (13-15 minutes)

File size max 200MB (below 50MB recommended)

File format mp4

Aspect ratio 16:9 for the video recommended (4:3 slides on 16:9 screen are ok if you want to use your “talking head” video beside the slides)

Recommended resolution between 720p HD and 1080p HD (picture frame height)

Less than 1 Mbps rate (check from file properties)

Hints for making your presentation video:

  1. Use a quiet place and avoid places with echo
  2. A good headset recommended, with microphone close to mouth but not directly at the line of your breath; the built-in microphones are typically not very high quality
  3. Make a short test recording first to check the sound and picture quality, bit rate, etc.; do adjustments if necessary before doing the final shot
  4. The platforms typically allow to pause and resume recording if you wish to smoothly change between the slideshow, your face video, demo on computer, etc.

File upload:

Please upload the mp4 video file as the 2nd file in ConfTool final upload.

(the 1st is the camera-ready paper pdf)