Abstract instructions

Abstract instructions

With the abstract, we welcome you to share your ongoing research and knowledge with the others.  As our Research Day is multidisciplinary, it is important to write your abstract in such a way that it can attract the attention of people from various backgrounds. Please, put emphasis on introducing the problem and need, aim and conclusions so that they are understandable by researchers having background different from you own. Furthermore, avoid domain-specific terminology in your abstract.

We request abstracts (and later posters and presentations) presenting:

  1. Broader research areas (finished/on-going PhD theses, entire research projects, etc.)
  2. Specific research topics (MSc theses, single publications, etc.)

The contents of the abstract should include the following (no subtitles are required):

  • Motivation and/or needs
  • Aim of the work
  • Key methods
  • Main results
  • Main conclusions
  • no more than 250 words

Please register and submit your abstract via this registration link by Monday, 14 October.

The abstract is submitted by ticking “yes” for the “I wish to submit an abstract” question and then copying the abstract text into the text box for the abstract on the registration form. Two keywords are also required for the abstract, a primary one and a secondary one.