Life 2022 will include over 75 workshops, scheduled in parallel 90-minute slots throughout the week. They will have a wide variety of formats and content. Topics will span scientific, societal and professional issues, and will include contributed talks selected from abstracts relevant to the subject-matter of the symposium programme, as well as many other topics. Some workshops will be ‘stand-alone’ events, whilst others will run as a series on consecutive days throughout the congress. The workshops will provide many opportunities for participation going beyond conventional ‘colloquium format’.

In addition to workshops tied to the symposium topics and the broader scientific areas in which they are embedded, we are currently planning workshops or workshop series on:

Comparative evo-devo of plants and animals
Model organisms
Drug development strategies
Making a promotional video for a niche scientific topic
‘Alternative’ RNA biology
DNA replication, repair and recombination
Biotech in the food and drink industry
Equality, diversity and inclusion in science
Issues in scientific publishing
Synthetic biology reverse pitch
Making a public-access video on a niche topic in science
The bee population crisis
Biofuels and carbon-capture
Greatest bioscience discovery of the century
How to become a scientist-entrepreneur
Gene regulatory networks
Art meets science
Mitophagy, mitochondrial dynamics and neurodegeneration
Personalized cancer medicine
Cell signaling and cancer
Neurobiology of behaviour
Toxicology meets predictive pharmacology
Molecular archeaology and anthropology
Alternative respiration
Carbonic anhydrase
What EMBO can do for us
How can scientists and journalists connect better?
Probing the biology of glial cells
Leukocyte trafficking
Gene editing technologies in agriculture
How and when to protect your IP


Volunteers to serve as convenors or chairs of workshops are welcome. We will leave room for additional workshop topics to be proposed from within the scientific community, as and when people pre-register for Life 2021. A more complete and updated list of the workshops and their convenors and formats will be published in autumn 2020.