Plenary symposia

The plenary symposia will cover a broad range of topics, but each with a rather specific focus. Symposium sessions (of 90 min) will each feature three globally prominent invited speakers, presenting their latest findings.

Attack and Defence
Chairs: Emmanuelle Charpentier (Berlin), Maria Masucci (Stockholm)
Host/pathogen interactions

Development and Regeneration
Chairs: Sarah Bray (Cambridge), Jukka Jernvall (Helsinki)
– Patterning and organogenesis
– Evo-devo of Regeneration

Energy and Metabolism
Chairs: Marja Jäättelä (Copenhagen), Anu Suomalainen (Helsinki)
Metabolism and immunity
– Stem-cell and cancer metabolism

Sensation and Action
Chairs: Carmen Birchmeier (Berlin), Mart Saarma (Helsinki)
Sensory neurons
-Neural circuits

Tissues, Cells and Signals
Chairs: Johanna Ivaska (Turku), Harald Stenmark (Oslo)
Force and motility
– Migration and invasion