Events that are organized by Tampere University of Applied Sciences promote sustainable development and global responsibility in a number of ways:

  • University campuses are easily reached by public transportation.
  • We usually organize congress activities in central locations, which eliminates the need for arranged participant transportation.
  • At the university campuses, accessibility is ensured by various means (e.g. ramps, elevators, automatic doors, accessible toilets, induction loops).
  • When outside the university facilities, we favor accessible venues.
  • We ensure that all communication and information is accessible for the event delegates (e.g. website, registration form, signs at the venue).
  • We favor local suppliers and partners (hotels, venues, catering operators) that have obtained a certificate in sustainability.
  • We do not request for disposable tableware and dishes for catering.
  • We prioritize locally produced catering options.
  • Pre-registration is required to also minimize food waste at our events.
  • As Finnish tap water is clean and safe to drink, we do not use or distribute bottled water.
  • We support multidisciplinary encounters and diversity perspectives (e.g. ecumenical chapel, gender-neutral toilets, availability of nursing room).
  • We reuse name-badge holders and provide a drop-off point for them.
  • We avoid using any decorations that create unnecessary waste.
  • Recycling is done efficiently at Tampere University campuses and it is also made clear to visitors.
  • We take measures to ensure health security (hygiene, thorough cleaning of facilities, following eventual restrictions) according to the global health situation.
  • We promote social responsibility e.g. by appointing university students as event assistants.

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