Ilkka Halava

Futurist, Foresight Coach and CEO of Prime Frontier Oy and Future Works Oy and a Board Member of Futures Finland (ao)

Ilkka Halava is a professional and luminous speaker, Finland’s most popular keynote speaker since 2013.  With socio-cultural and applied futures research tools he makes decision-making understandable in the future evolution. He guides composers of new models, concepts and breakthroughs to find their own goals – and to achieve them. Extreme Business Makeover – No Box Required. Ilkka is a warm-hearted radical addicted to learning. He has a true understanding of systems which, put together with his media mastery, allows him to drive development in society as much as in products, business and concepts.

Jouni Kangasniemi

Programme Director, Finnish National Agency for Education

Mr Jouni Kangasniemi is an experienced Senior Ministerial Adviser with a demonstrated history of working in the government (education) policy development and planning in the past 25 years. He has rich experienced in international cooperation, learning sciences, continuing professional development of teachers, education as a business and digitalization of education. In his current role at Education Finland, Mr. Kangasniemi seeks to drum up Finland’s education exports, helping the 120 member organisations to internationalise and grow at a time when digital solutions are at the forefront of educational development.

Juha Lahtinen

Head of Competence Area, Department of Pedagogic Innovations and Culture, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Mr Juha Lahtinen is a principal lecturer and head of continuous education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. He is an expert in principal and teacher training, pedagogical development, and educational leadership. During the past ten years, Mr Juha Lahtinen has trained numerous educational decision-makers and teachers of different levels around the world, mostly in Asian and Latin American countries.
With 32 years of experience in education, Mr Juha Lahtinen has been a class teacher, career counsellor, project researcher, educational adviser and director. He has rich experience in implementing Finnish education reforms, national research projects and organizational development. Nowadays, he is one of the most popular Finnish education experts with international audience.

Riitta Juusenaho

Finnish Education Expert

Riitta Juusenaho, Doctor of Education, is an expert on the Finnish education system. Not only the academic side but also in practice; she has 27 years of experience as a teacher and a principal in Finnish basic education and she has made her doctoral dissertation in 2004 about Leadership and Management styles of Finnish comprehensive school principals from the perspective of gender. She has working experience as a Finnish principal trainer, Research and Evaluation Manager in the City of Tampere, Director of Education and Culture in the City of Ruovesi, Project Director at Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK).

Carita Prokki

Director of Internationalisation and Business Operations, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Dr. Carita Prokki, (PhD.) has been working in the higher education sector for almost 20 years. She knows the applied higher education like the back of her hand. Carita Prokki started her career as a teacher in educational leadership. She is a passionate teacher in soul and always will be one. Being a Dean of the business department at TAMK for over 10 years deepened her knowledge and skills in educational leadership and development. In the last couple of years, the global commercial services of TAMK has taken her around the world to inspire educators and promoting Finnish education. Since 2015 she has been working as Director of Business Operations at TAMK.  Before her career at TAMK, she worked abroad for international businesses.

Hanna Saraketo

Team Coach, Senior Lecturer, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Proakatemia

Hanna Saraketo, M.Sc., has 20 years of experience in student-centred and working-life-oriented learning both in the university of applied sciences and in vocational education. Formerly business college principal is now a pedagogical expert who coaches young UAS students in entrepreneurship and team leadership skills. She also works with global education projects consulting processes of pedagogical change around the world.


Jiri Vilppola

Senior Lecturer, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Jiri Vilppola,  M.Sc. (Education), Vocational teacher (education, psychology and special needs education), Specialist in Competence-based Education. He has over 20 years of teaching experience from pre-school (4 years) to Vocational school (13 years) to higher education (from 2015 ->). He works as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Professional Teacher Education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The topic of his doctoral research is competence-based and work life orientated vocational teacher education.

Sanna Ruhalahti

Teacher educator , Head of Teaching and Learning Centre, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Sanna Ruhalahti, PhD (Media Education), is an experienced teacher educator and educational developer. Her expertise includes digital pedagogy and environments, media literacy, instructional learning design, deeper learning and design principles, competence-based and student-centred approach, dialogue in learning, soft skills development, digital open badge-driven learning, dialogical learning communities, and qualitative research.

Anita Lehikoinen

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture

She is head of operations of the Ministry in cooperation with the Ministers and leads the implementation of the Government programme within the Ministry´s administrative sector. She supervises the internal functions of the Ministry and plays a significant role in preparing the Ministry to respond to future challenges.

Anita Lehikoinen has been employed with the Finnish Ministry of Education since 1989. Prior to her current position, she served as Director General in the Ministry, in charge of higher education and science policy development. She has also worked in the field of higher education and was responsible for the implementation of the Bologna process in Finland and internationalisation strategy for higher education, among other things. She has also been involved in work to reform the steering system of Finnish universities. Ms Lehikoinen has served in many national and European committees in the field of higher education, research and internationalisation.

Kirsi Viskari

Director, Tampere Vocational College Tredu

Kirsi Viskari will take the management of Tredu from the beginning of March 2022. Since 2019, she has been in the position of Vice President at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. As Vice President, his responsibilities have been research, development and innovation, internationalization and business. In 2006–2019, Viskari worked at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, as Vice President. While working for Stora Enso Oyj from 1992 to 2006, she was responsible for smart packaging, e-business and logistics. In his dissertation completed in 2008, Viskari studied the drivers and barriers to cooperation in the value chain of carton-packaged consumer goods.

Viskari’s special expertise includes extensive knowledge of the field of education, co-operation competence in education levels, co-operation and network competence, and international and cultural competence.

Long and varied work experience in both industry and the education sector has introduced Viskar to continuous change and its management. According to Viskari, training organizations are required to work more closely and agilely in order to respond to change. The need for a skilled workforce, shrinking age groups and rapidly changing skills needs in various fields challenge us to develop even better operations even better.

Mikko Turunen

Lecturer at TAMK

Mikko Turunen is a teambuilder, motivator, culturally competent IT expert. He has been an international project planner with knowledge of public sector decision making. He is a polyglot: fluent in English, good in Swedish, fair in German, he also studied Russian for 5 years and knows a little Italian too. He has taught IT related subjects for 11 years such as computer-aided teaching and eLearning in the vocational Sector.

Katja Varamäki

Senior Lecturer, Social Services and Health Care

Katja is an experienced teacher with a history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. She is skilled in Corporate Training, E-Learning, Adult Education, and Employee Training. Strong education professional with a Master of Health Sciences from the University of Tampere.

Mari Rytisalo

Senior Lecturer, Business and Media

Mari is an experienced professional in the field of education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Her professional expertise consists of several different areas:

  • Developing an unforeseen systemic education model for Finnish higher education (project Sähkörausku)
  • Developing business case training and competition to make it a significant part of business studies in Tampere University Community and Finland.
  • The development of intercultural competence and international professionalism with practical orientation, and intercultural counselling.

Tiina Koskiranta

Team Leader

Ms. Tiina Koskiranta has been working in higher education sector over 20 years. She is a unique combination of Journalist, Team Leader and Learning Enthusiastic, Teacher, Coach, Startup Developer and Business Creator. She has a long experience in developing and applying modern entrepreneurial methodologies both at universities and vocational schools. During her career in TAMK she has worked in Proakatemia and developed and applied new innovative entrepreneurial curriculums both in Bachelor and Master degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. She has managed several EU-projects in Entrepreneurship, worked as a manager in the Business Administration Degree Programme, development manager in continuing education and led the strategic R&D&I focus area of Entrepreneurship and New Business. She has trained hundreds of teachers all over the world on using team coaching and learning methods in teaching. She is also one of the founders of entrepreneurship hub Y-kampus (now called Hubs) and has worked several years as a startup ecosystem developer, entrepreneurship coach and team leader in Hubs.

Cristian Burr photo

Cristian Burr Raty

Senior Lecturer

Cristian is an Industrial Designer from Diego Portales University (UDP) in Chile. He was part of the second generation of tech start-ups supported and accelerated by Start-Up Chile (2010). In 2012 he founded Timer Crono, a tech-startup specialized in time keeping services for mayor sporting events, developing sports timing software and hardware in South America. Awardee of several public funds, the experiences gained through the formation and development of this company, has guided him to teach in various universities, most importantly in UDP. He is an Entrepreneurship coach, mentoring countless student startups, and a Digital Fabrication Teacher, bringing ideas to life. As a core member of UDP´s platform for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, he has helped entrepreneurs convert their ideas to realities, and is one of the founding members of the soon to be UDP Teampreneur Academy. He is currently on a six-month exchange trip in TAMK and Proakatemia as a senior lecturer and assistant coach for the new Influencers Academy.

Ville Raatikainen

Head of Basic Education at City of Tampere

Ville Raatikainen is an experienced educational leader in Finland. He has been a principal of basic schools in the Pirkamaa region of Finland. He has also been the Head of Education in the municipality of Pirkkala and Tampere. Currently, he works as Head of Basic Education at the City of Tampere.