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Kello 10.30. Data & management

Marko Seppänen

professori, teollisuustalous, Tampereen yliopisto

TkT Marko Seppänen on Tampereen yliopiston teollisuustalouden professori Tietojohtamisen yksikössä. Hän toimii myös Johtamisen ja talouden tiedekunnan koulutuksen varadekaanina. Professori Seppänen on liiketoiminnan ekosysteemien, liiketoimintakonseptien kehittämisen ja innovoinnin johtamisen asiantuntija. Hänen viimeisimpiä tutkimusaiheitaan ovat digitaaliset alustat ja liiketoiminnan kehittäminen yritysekosysteemissä sekä kiertotalouden ekosysteemien rakentaminen.

Kello 12.00 Opetuksen kriisinkestävyys

Sirpa Virta

Professor of Security Governance

Sirpa Virta is Professor in charge of the new international Master’s Programme SAFER (Security and Safety Management) since 2019. She has been researcher at the Department of Political science (1986 – 1994), at the Police College (1995 – 1999) and since 1999 researcher and professor (from 2012 on) at Tampere  University. Sirpa Virta has a long career in international police education (CEPOL, Council of Europe), a lot of international scientific publications, networks and research projects. She has the title of Docent of Defense University, and visiting professorship of security policy at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.

Kello 15.00 TAMK Circular & Bioeconomy Actions

Marko Hakovirta

Professor, NCSU, USA

Marko Hakovirta, PhD, MBA, currently holds a position of Professor at the Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State University, USA. He has a broad experience in different sectors in business, academia, and large research institutions. Hakovirta previously worked as a SVP, Innovation at Stora Enso Corporation. He also held positions as Professor and Director, in other research and education institutes such as Auburn University and Georgia Tech, USA. He served as Group VP, Technology, Environment and Quality in Metso Corporation and other Innovation management related leadership positions in Metso Group. In addition, he has held fellowships at Los Alamos National Laboratory (US) and CERN (Switzerland). Hakovirta received his PhD and MSc from the University of Helsinki, Finland and an MBA from Emory University, Atlanta.

Ville Lähde

Researcher, BIOS

Ville Lähde, Phd is a Finnish environmental researcher, philosopher, author, and science journalist. He studied philosophy and environmental policy in Tampere University. His 2008 dissertation Rousseau’s Rhetoric of ‘Nature’ handled the varied meanings of the word “nature” and its use in moral and political disputes. During his years as a researcher of environmental policy he contributed to the book How Nature Speaks (Duke University Press, 2006).

Lähde has published circa 300 texts ranging from journal articles to book reviews, short stories, and newspaper columns. His widely acclaimed book Niukkuuden maailmassa (niin & näin, 2013) handled the issues of resource scarcity, and the next book Paljon liikkuvia osia (Savukeidas, 2015) addressed the problem of polarization in public debates, both as a problem in itself and as a conscious rhetorical strategy.

Currently Ville Lähde is working for the independent multidisciplinary research unit BIOS. Its areas of interest are environmental and resource problems and it is involved in doing research as well as participating in public discussion and education.

Pekka Saranpää

Principal Scientist, Luke

Pekka Saranpää’s research interest is in wood formation, fibre wall structure and utilization of its macromolecules, cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose. He has been managing the research portfolio in the focus area of forest products and biorefinery and coordinating HEU proposals. Saranpää has successfully combined plant anatomy, molecular biology, wood physics and chemistry and wood technology in his research. At Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), he is also collaborating with food chemists. He has been involved in multidisciplinary international collaboration:  council member of IAWA, board member of IAWS, coordinator of the wood quality group of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) and actively participated in European collaboration in many COST actions. Currently Saranpää is the coordinator of the IUFRO Division Forest Products. His main research interests are juvenile wood and heartwood formation in conifers, the effect of climate change and environmental factors on tree growth and wood formation and utilisation of various by-products of wood and food processing industry.