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Tiedolla johtamisen Zoom-teemasessiot, kello 10.30-11.45


Data & management

Chair: professor Marko Seppänen

Post-doctoral researcher Jukka Huhtamäki:
Is it easy to make sense of data for actionable insights?

Assistant professor Hongxiu Li:
Understanding Consumers via Data and Data Analysis

Professor Juho Kanniainen:
Analyzing investor behavior by network science


Digital transformation

Chair: Professor Mikko Ruohonen

Doctoral researcher Maija Ylinen:
Tensions as drivers of digital transformation

Post-doctoral researcher Karan Menon:
Data driven business models for Manufacturing Companies

Professor Jari Stenvall:
Artificial intelligence and problem solving



Tiedolla johtaminen

Puheenjohtaja: Professori Nina Helander

Tutkijatohtori Hannele Väyrynen:
Tiedolla johtaminen: tieto organisaation toimintokarusellissa

Tohtorikoulutettava Henri Jalo: Virtuaalitodellisuus

Tohtorikoulutettava Viivi Siuko: Tiedolla johtaminen infra-alalla

Turvallisuustutkimuksen Zoom-teemasessiot 1, kello 12-13.15


Inhaled aerosols – invisible health hazard

Chair: Associate Professor Topi Rönkkö, Tampere University

Associate Professor Topi Rönkkö, Tampere University:
Characteristics and sources of outdoor urban aerosols

Associate Professor Pasi Jalava, University of Eastern Finland:
Transport derived Ultrafines and the Brain Effects (TUBE)

Senior Lecturer Sampo Saari, Tampere University of Applied Sciences:
Emissions and dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 virus aerosols


Opetuksen kriisinkestävyys (Session in Finnish only)

Puheenjohtaja: tutkija Johanna Liljeroos-Cork, Tampereen yliopisto

 Tutkija Reetta Kinnunen, Tampereen yliopisto:
Opetuksen kriisivalmiudet: käsiteanalyysi ja mittaristo (CrisPrep-hanke)

Yliopistonlehtori Vuokko Kohtamäki ja professori Sirpa Virta, Tampereen yliopisto: Yliopistojen kriisivaste


Smart fire safety

Chair: Professor Mikko Malaska, Tampere University

Chief Advisor Kari Telaranta, The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK):
Cost-benefit analysis of residential fire safety equipment

Professor Mikko Malaska, Tampere University & Fire Safety and Security Advisor Lauri Lehto, The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK):
Observations from real-scale fire tests of residential apartments

B.Sc.(Tech.), Research assistant Kalle Tuokko, Tampere University:
Quality assurance and risk management of building fire safety through building information modelling (BIM) technologies


Resilience and crisis preparedness of the Finnish health system

Chair: Assistant Professor, Docent Liina-Kaisa Tynkkynen, Tampere University

Postdoctoral researcher Ossi Heino, Tampere University:
On preparing to address unexpected events

MD, Researcher Soila Karreinen, Tampere University:
Navigating through the ever changing pandemic – what is expected of health care managers?

Professor Nina Helander, Tampere University:
Knowledge management in health crises

Senior lecturer, Docent Pauli Rautiainen, University of Eastern Finland:
Pandemic law – had it made COVID-19 pandemic governance easier?


Responding to ecological crises by pedagogical means

Chair: Professor Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, Tampere University

Professor Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, Tampere University:
The embodied human and excentric environmental relations: developing positive recognition in environmental pedagogy

Research Manager Mari Pienimäki, Tampere University:
School camp as a place to raise environmental awareness among young people

University Lecturer Essi Aarnio-Linnanvuori, Tampere University:
Values, worldviews, and social norms in climate change education


Cyber security

Chair: Superintendent Olavi Kujanpää, Police University College of Finland

Researcher Anna Leppänen, Police University College of Finland & Senior Specialist Tero Toiviainen, Police University College of Finland: Cyber crime is a police matter – a Finnish guidebook on pre-trial investigation process for enterprises

Turvallisuustutkimuksen Zoom-teemasessiot 2, kello 13.30-14.45


Event security – people, continuity and the future

Chairs: Project Manager Anniina Autero, City of Tampere and University Lecturer Ilari Karppi, Tampere University

University Lecturer Ilari Karppi and Researcher Iina Sankala, Tampere University:
Space, security and the atmosphere – elements of future events

 Doctoral Researcher Emmi Koskimies, Tampere University:
Artificial intelligence and the sense of security – can we trust the machines in events?

Panel discussion

  • Executive Director Teppo Rantanen, City of Tampere
  • Senior Project Manager Ari Solja, Securitas Events Oy
  • Field Commander of Emergency Medical Services Teemu Knuutila, Pirkanmaa Hospital District
  • Artist Brandon Emene, 8th Myth


Reliability engineering for improving safety

Chair: Professor Kari T. Koskinen, Tampere University

University Instructor Jouko Laitinen, Tampere University: Use of machine learning an AI in reliability engineering

Doctoral Researcher Jose Villa, Tampere University: Obstacle avoidance of an autonomous surface vessel

Industry Professor Stephen J. Wright, Tampere University: Using live full data transmissions to enhance on-wing reliability and to improve aviation safety and security

Research Manager, Dr. Jussi Aaltonen, Tampere University: Technical safety of unmanned and autonomous aerial operations


Fire & rescue services maneuvering amidst the changing operational environment

Chair: Senior Researcher Alisa Puustinen, Emergency Services Academy Finland

Senior Researcher Marko Hassinen, Emergency Services Academy Finland:
Securing the future – Energy transition requires new rescue and firefighting methodology and tools

Senior specialist Sini Erholtz, Ministry of the Interior:
People and their fears and threats – understanding the customer in fire and rescue services


Crisis management

Panel discussion: How the future of crisis management looks alike after Afghanistan? What are actual goals of crisis management? Is it primarily for supporting European Union’s and/or Finland’s (security) interests abroad? How to empower better locally driven processes instead of external management?

Marko Lehti
Tampere University

Jyrki Ruohomäki
Chief Senior Specialist, CMC Finland

Tyyne Karjalainen
Researcher, The Finnish Institute of International Affairs

Maria Mekri
Executive Director, SaferGlobe


Pandemics as a challenge for society

Chair: Sami Oikarinen, PhD, Title of Docent, Environmental Health Research Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET), Tampere University

Kirsi-Maarit Lehto, D.Sc. (Tech.), Environmental Health Research Group, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET), Tampere University: National wastewater surveillance systems in the EU Member States – targeted data collection of SARS-CoV-2 and its variants in wastewaters

Anna Soveri, PhD, Psychologist, Adjunct Professor (docent) in Cognitive Psychology Academy Research Fellow Department of Clinical Medicine University of Turku: Vaccine attitudes


Cyber security

Chair: Professor Kimmo Halunen, Oulu University & National Defence University

Professor Kimmo Halunen: Cybersecurity – what to know and how to find it out

Senior specialist Perttu Halonen, National Cyber Security Centre, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom:
Cyber weather. Is it possible to predict phenomena in cyber environment?

 Senior Scientist Jarno Salonen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland:

Kestävän kehityksen Zoom-teemasessiot, kello 15-16


TAMK Circular & Bioeconomy Actions

TAMK Circular & Bioeconomy Actions research group was established in February 2020. Our group’s motto “the most important thing is motion, direction can be decided later” describes us well. We  – Ulla Häggblom, Mikael Lindell, Erkki Kiviniemi, Silja Kostia and Riitta Vihuri – are a real multidisciplinary expertise team.  In this session we want to introduce our research themes 1. Sustainable nutrient and material cycles, 2. Innovative Biomaterials and Packaging, 3. Sustainable food systems, by inviting  our collaborators and stakeholders to give a presentation.


Silja Kostia, Principal lecturer, TAMK
Introduction to TAMK Circular & Bioeconomy Actions research group

Marko Hakovirta, Professor, NCSU, USA
Future of forest biomaterials

Pekka Saranpää, Principal Scientist, Luke
Co-creation in multistakeholder networks – Paperboard revival

Ville Lähde FT, Researcher, BIOS
Sustainable food systems