P43 Public leadership PMRA (Public Management Research Association)

Panel Chairs:
Associate prof., dr. Anne Mette Kjeldsen, Prof., dr. Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Prof., dr. Rick Vogel and Stefan Boye

Corresponding Chair:
Anne Mette Kjeldsen, annemette@ps.au.dk

This long-standing IRSPM panel focuses on leadership in the public sector. Leadership within public management studies has evolved to include distributed leadership (Van Wart., 2014; Kjeldsen & Ovesen, 2016), public leadership measures (Tummers & Knies, 2016), and public sector applications of generic leadership concepts such as transformational and transactional leadership (Jensen et. al 2019).

We invite papers about the following topics, but are also open to other topics related to leadership in public organizations:

  • Effect of leadership on employee outcomes (such as motivation, job satisfaction and turnover) and organizational outcomes (such as performance)
  • The role of leadership in innovation processes, during organizational change and public management reforms
  • Measurement of public leadership
  • The dark sides of (public) leadership
  • Leading and managing public servants in different cultural contexts
  • Distributed, collaborative and network leadership
  • Generic leadership models (transformational, transactional, LMX, etc.) applied to the public sector
  • The effects of technology on leadership, and leadership on technology (such as e-leadership)

Furthermore, we believe that the methods regarding public leadership research can be strengthened. A review by Groeneveld et al. (2015) shows a lack of methodological diversification in the broad public administration field. In particular, mixed methods and field experimental designs are in short supply. We have seen more examples of these designs in the last couple of years, and we will especially encourage papers along these methodological contributions. Paper proposals have a limit of max 500 words including references.

Note: The panel is sponsored by PMRA.