P40 SIG Healthcare management and health policy

Panel Chairs:
Stefano Calciolari, James Gillespie and Emanuele Vendramini

Corresponding Chair:
Stefano Calciolari, stefano.calciolari@unimib.it

The IRSPM SIG-HCM focuses on the cross-fertilization of ideas between the fields of Healthcare Management and Public Management.

We invite submissions with two broad perspectives: (a) the MICRO perspective will group work that focuses at or in the organizational level. These pieces have specifically focused on intra-organizational issues, resources, and processes, including professionals; (b) the MACRO perspective will group work at interorganizational and/or systems level of analysis. Work at the organizational level of analysis, can be submitted to either (but not both) perspective at the authors’ discretion based on the intended contribution. The intent of the submission identification is to ensure that your paper receives appropriate consideration by an appropriate peer group.

The panel aims at fostering and discussing rigorous research on the following (though not exclusive) topics:

  • Patient-centered organizations
  • Integrated care (including clinical pathways)
  • Value-based Healthcare
  • Performance Measurement/Management
  • Initiatives targeting Frailty, Chronicity, Multimorbidity
  • Primary care models/innovation
    • Health systems reforms (with focus on sustainability, universal coverage, dealing with major trends – such as technological innovation, ageing, migrations).

The panel welcomes quantitative and qualitative analysis with a strong linkage to the literature and the most recent academic debate. Submissions are expected to highlight how they are going to contribute to public and healthcare management research. We encourage the work of doctoral and junior scholars for submission.

The panel sessions will be structured with discussants and the debate is expected to provide presenters with the opportunity to collect feedback on their research.

The best (submitted) papers will be eligible for fast track by Health Services Management Research.