Wearable computing algorithms, devices, and services

Special Session in ICL-GNSS 2021


Prof. Simona Lohan, Tampere University, Finland

Dr. Aleksandr Ometov, Tampere University, Finland

Session rationale and content:

Low-energy wireless communications are now becoming more and more important in a variety of applications ranging for eHealth and activity tracking to industrial IoT. In addition, advances in sensor miniaturization and edge/fog/cloud data processing and analysis allow the development of new services and applications based on wearables. High-end wearables such as AR/VR devices are also promising new revenue sources to businesses.

In this special session, we solicit novel papers related (but not limited to)

–  H2020 A-WEAR project research results

–  edge/cloud/fog architectures for wearables

–  wearables for eHealth

– low-energy/low-power IoT computing

– holographic beamforming for high-end wearables

– wearable and IoT solutions for COVID-19 disease control

– body sensor network designs and protocols

– Wearable-based virtual and augmented reality

– Machine learning and artificial intelligence methods for processing wearable-related data

– Privacy and security concerns and solutions

– Wireless localization solutions via wearable devices

– Open-access datasets, measurement, and performance evaluation


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