Thank you very much for a really thought-provoking keynote. I have only just managed to catch up with it.
I am very drawn to your idea that defining historical significance in the right way for us (rather than trying to make claims within a ‘general history’ narrative) might be the way forward – for me maybe this is even more important than whether we look at agency or experience?
From my own research perspective on the borders of history of education/history of childhood and youth, the most significant consideration is finding a way to articulate the inter-relationships between children and young people and the adults and communities around them without either seeing them in isolation (as a way of emphasising their importance) or losing sight of them altogether!

Susannah Wright

19.3.2021 18:31

Thank you. I am glad that I got around to seeing this, albeit post-conference. I see what Rob meant that Agency has many definitions. I was impoverishedly working with a Google search version throughout the conference. I suppose in terms of hybrid religious identity processes, agency is process to maturity, when they mature, take ownership against being defined by the ‘grand narratives.’ I wonder though if that maturity should be an identity? Ok, it is a way to process and voice, but also to stagnate maturity processes – change. I like the way you defined experience – the bridge between structures, ideologies and self. I will use these vistas.

Richard Croft

12.3.2021 18:47

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