The Nordic Centre of Excellence on Women in Technology-Driven Careers (Nordwit) (2017-2022) is funded by NordForsk, lead by Professor Gabriele Griffin from Uppsala University and consists of three core research teams at Uppsala University, Tampere University and the Western Norway Research Institute.


  • investigates gender equality and women’s career opportunities in research and innovation in academia and beyond
  • is focused on technology-driven research (health technology, digital humanities, e-health).
  • also examines research and innovation as regional (research-intensive region, rural region) collaboration between universities and the private and public sectors
  • endeavours to create conversation and local action in order to advance gender equality in research and innovation.

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The Council for Gender Equality (TANE), established in 1972, is a permanent, parliamentary council, which serves an advisory role in state administration. The objective of TANE is to advance gender equality in society, and it brings into light and endeavours to eliminate structures which maintain inequality.

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Organising committee
Marja Vehviläinen, Tampere University/Nordwit 
Liekki Valaskivi, Tampere University/Nordwit (intern) 
Hannele Varsa, Council for Gender Equality
Mari-Elina McAteer / Niina Hinkkanen, Council for Gender Equality
Hanna Strandman, Council for Gender Equality (intern)