Eye on TAMK 2022 Multidisciplinary International Week

About the event

Welcome to join us finally for the live event of Eye on TAMK 2022!

The world has changed but we the people remain. This time we are gathering the best people to meet, connect, create new and disseminate their best creations live in Tampere 4th to 8th April 2022.

This year,  we organise a multidisciplinary international week for everyone. The participants will be able to explore new topics and cooperation possibilities or deepen their knowledge in their field by exchanging ideas and sharing practises with international partners.

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Coming to TAMK campuses is allowed only when you feel well, and during your stay on campus we expect you to wear a face mask and practice good hand hygiene. This way we can ensure safe circumstances for studying and working for all of us. Every participant of the Eye on TAMK has a duty to act responsibly. Face masks will be available from the main entrances on the campus buildings throughout the week. TAMK restaurants are serving Eye on TAMK participants during the whole event, but the lunch break is scheduled later to avoid crowding.

Eye on Tamk general programme

A multidisciplinary week-long event

Eye on TAMK 2022 is a scientific, pedagogical, (inter)cultural and social event based on:

1. Lectures / Workshops / Seminars / Short Language Courses 

Lectures / Workshops/ Seminars/ Short Language Courses taught by Guests and/or TAMK Lecturers:We are most pleased to invite you to submit proposals in the following fields of studies: Languages, Media, Music, Arts, Health Care, Social Services, Engineering, Business, and Teacher Education. 

All the proposals will be reviewed by our lecturers/coordinators and accepted/refused according to their relevance to our curricula and theme of the week (Digitalization of Education). Other topics not referred to in the form may also be submitted and will be considered, if appropriate.  

 2. Project Development / Brainstorming / Collaborative Work

Project Development / Brainstorming / Collaborative Work together with the lecturers/staff of the same field of studies / research interests for sharing and project idea development;

a) If you would like to present best practices in a Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) project on digitalization and regional development, please briefly describe the project and provide the website.

b) If you would like to propose/discuss ideas or find new partners for RDI projects, please briefly describe the field(s) of interest.

3. Non-teaching Staff Track

Non-teaching Staff Track

a) If you would like to present best practices on digitalization in university services, please briefly describe your practice. b) If you would like to propose/discuss new project ideas, please briefly describe the field(s) of interest.

b) If you would like to propose/discuss new project ideas, please briefly describe the field(s) of interest.

4. Social and cultural programme

Take part in the social and cultural programme throughout the week. Plenty of networking opportunities and programmes available with a taste of the Finnish way of life. Come and see what makes Finland the happiest country in the world!

Take a look at the atmosphere of the last Eye on TAMK event!

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