The general programme is offered to all participants! Whether you are a professor, student or non-academic staff, you are warmly welcome to join us online.

The General Programme of the week includes keynote speeches, panel discussion and cultural highlights. Don’t forget to check out the afternoon specials! All times are Central European Time

The timetable for each track from Tuesday to Friday is found from schedules page (Central European Time).

More detailed track programmes and session descriptions can be found through the following links:

Biomedical Laboratory Science Track | Syllabus Gjörloff Wingren

Business Track | Session descriptions

Engineering Track | Session descriptions

Health Track | Session descriptions

Languages and Communication Track | Session descriptions

Media, Music and Art Track | Go to Webpage

Non-Teaching Staff Track

Physiotherapy Track | Session descriptions

RDI Track

Social Services | Session descriptions

Teacher Education Track | Session descriptions

TREE – Continuous Education