The conference has been moved to 26-27 May 2021 in the same location. The revised programme will be posted here as soon as possible.

Thursday 16 April



Location: Conference floor


Opening words by Dr. Marjaana Rautalin & Professor Pertti Alasuutari

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall


Keynote 1 - Professor Motti Regev: Sounds, Flavors, Textures: Cultural Cosmopolitanism in Everyday Life

Motti Regev is a cultural sociologist. He has worked primarily on popular music, specializing in pop-rock music and cultural globalization. He currently expands his focus to a general look at cultural cosmopolitanism and embodied knowledge. His work combines a Bourdieusian perspective with cultural globalization theory. His books include Popular Music and National Culture in Israel (with Edwin Seroussi; University of California Press, 2004), Pop-Rock Music: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism in Late Modernity (Polity, 2013) and Sociology of Culture: A General Introduction (in Hebrew. Open University of Israel, 2013). His work on pop-rock and cultural globalization has appeared in the journals Theory, Culture and Society, Poetics, Popular Music, European Journal of Social Theory, Cultural Sociology, American Behavioral Scientist, Journal of World Popular Music and Youth and Globalization, as well as in numerous edited volumes. He is Professor of Sociology at the Open University of Israel.




Coffee break

Location: Conference floor, foyer


Diffusion of global models and ideals

Location: Belvedere Hall
Chair: Olga Ulybina

Juozas Valenčius: Fivefold Implementation of the Electronic Signature Infrastructure in the Public Sector: A Case of Lithuania
Pertti Alasuutari: National Parliaments in World Society
Gwenaëlle Bauvois: The Yellowsphere Glocalisation of the Yellow Vests movement in Finland
Henri Koskinen: Startup Entrepreneurship as a Global Form

Cosmopolitan subjects

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall
Chair: Hanna Rautajoki

Pierluca Birindelli: Cosmopolitan Self and Cultural Values
Irene Skovgaard-Smith: “Citizen of Nowhere”: The Historical Origins and Contemporary Use of the Rootless Cosmopolitan Trope
Anna Spiegel: Strangers or Autochthons? Paradoxes of Practiced Cosmopolitanism of Corporate Expatriates in Transnational Organisational Fields
Peter Holley: Humanist and Social Constructionist? The Location of the Individual in Global Sociology

Belonging and citizenship

Location: Clemente VIII Hall
Chair: Tiina Kontinen

Giulia Mezzetti: Feelings of Belonging among Italian Muslim Youths: Internalizing Exclusion, Responding to Stigmatization
Gul Ince Beqo: Belonging, Transnational Practices and Understanding of Homeland: The Case of Turkish and Kurdish Youth in Milan
Veronica Riniolo: Second-generation Youths and Political Activism in Italy. Discursive Strategies and Representations of Deservingness
Mari Toivanen: Second-generation Activism – Diasporic or Something Else?






Weather permitting, lunch will be served in the garden. In case of rain, lunch will be served at Sala Bonaparte.


Global models, fashions and ideals situated

Location: Belvedere Hall
Chair: Valtteri Vähä-Savo

Mervi Kaukko: Love as Pedagogical Practise:  A Case for Refugee Education
Katarina Pettersson & Niko Pyrhönen: ‘Formulating Truthful News Together’?
Cenk Ozbay: Global at the Mall: Consumption, Work, and Identities in Shopping Malls in Istanbul
Anna-Mari Almila: Frameworking Fashion: Global(ized) Spaces, Inequalities and Connectivities

Cosmopolitan world order

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall
Chair: Peter Holley

Dario Verderame: Inside the Cosmopolitan Reflexivity: Theory and Empirical Evidences
Ari Nieminen: The White Man’s Burden – And How to Get Rid of It.
Marco Poloni: External Causes, Internal Consequences: The Role of Nation-states in the Era of G-localization
Raluca Grosescu: Challenging Eurocentric Visions of Cosmopolitanism and Genocide in Lithuanian, Argentinean, and Guatemalan National Courts

Theoretical and methodological developments

Location: Clemente VIII Hall
Chair: Pertti Alasuutari

Fran Collyer: What it Means to be a Sociologist: Australian Sociologists Talk
Risto Heiskala: Explaining the Recent Rise of Right-wing Populism with the Hexagon Model
Simon Stewart: Towards a Sociology of Evaluative Judgement
Mahmut Mutman: Islamist Populism: The Double Bind of Secularism and the Staging of Cultural Identity



Coffee break

Location: Conference floor, foyer


Politicization of and through global ideas

Location: Belvedere Hall
Chair: Jukka Syväterä

Amar Wahab: Mobilizing Sexual Exceptionalism: Local Homophobias, Global Homonationalisms
Daniela Bandelli: The Hypnotic Formula of the Woman’s Autonomy in the Global Discourse on Surrogacy
Jelena Cupac & Irem Ebetürk: Antifeminist Politicization of the United Nations’ Gender Norms and policies
Olga Ulybina: Transnational Policy Shift Towards Childcare Deinstitutionalization

Culture, consumption and transnational interdependencies

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall
Chair: Camilla Nordberg

Sonia Bookman & Tiffany Hall: Cosmopolitanism, Consumption, and Global Brands in the Canadian Context
David Inglis: Grape Expectations: On Wine Fashions and Wider Socio-Cultural Change
Lisa Gaupp & Johan Kolsteeg: Beyond Diversity – the Quest for Inclusivity in Transnational Arts Organizations
Eilish Boschert: Ritual and New Social Movement in Northern Ireland


Sparkling wine and snacks

Location: The garden (weather permitting)


Conference dinner at the Sala Bonaparte

Friday 17 April


Ideas, beliefs, and interests in transnational governance

Location: Belvedere Hall
Chair: Irem Ebetürk

Hendrik Schopmans: Birth, Death and Resurrection of a Global Idea: The ‘Common Heritage of Humankind’ and the Struggle for Justice in Global Commons Governance
Hanna Rautajoki & Richard Fitzgerald: Regulating Change in the European Parliament
Jukka Syväterä & Marjaana Rautalin: Evoking Scientific Authority in Parliamentary Debates
Marja Sivonen: Policy-making in Bad Weather: Nation-states and the Global Climate, Local Environments and the Authority of Science

Cosmopolitanism and social belonging

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall
Chair: Ahsan Qureshi

Meyda Yegenoglu Mutman: “Problematizing Cosmopolitan Belonging in the Third World”
Kinga Polynczuk-Alenius: Writing the Difference: Racist Discourse in the Polish Blogosphere
Vincenzo Mini: The Evolution of the Communicative Aspect in the Community

General session

Location: Clemente VIII Hall
Chair: Pierluca Birindelli

Milica Resanovic: Novels from Periphery in the Contexts of Literary Globalisation: How Serbian Novelists enter the Centre of the Global Literary Filed
Niina Meriläinen: “I don’t know how to say it in a smart way” – Power-relations in the Legislative Processes Between Youths and Officials
Sanna Ala-Kortesmaa: The Role of Listening in Adapting to Innovations


Coffee break

Location: conference floor, foyer


Understanding local reactions to global challenges

Location: Belvedere Hall
Chair: Marja Sivonen

Katarzyna Wolanik Boström: Global Challenges – Local Organizational Cultures
Niko Pyrhönen & Gwenaëlle Bauvois: Soldiers of Odin as Peril or Protection? Hybrid Mediatization of Oppositional Framings on Anti-immigration Responses to ‘the Refugee Crisis’
Ahsan Qureshi: Epistemic Governance in the Discourse on the Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan
Camilla Nordberg: Volunteering as an Ethics of Care in Canadian Refugee Reception

Belonging, institutions and markets

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall
Chair: Marco Caselli

Tobias Pötzsch: Critical Perspectives on Social Inclusion in Integration Programs for Adult Migrants
Tiina Kontinen: Africanizing Institutional Logics: Towards a Research Agenda
Sanna Saksela-Bergholm: Bridging Vocational Education with the Labour market. Exploring the Seamless Inclusion of Adult Migrant Students into Working Life in Finland
Lauren Power: Ethnography of Global Talent in Singapore: Motivations for Attaining Permanent Residency Status of American, Australian, and British Citizens



The lunch will be served in the garden, weather permitting. If it rains, we will have lunch at the Sala Bonaparte.


Keynote 2 – Professor Arnstein Aassve: Institutional Family Demography: Corruption and Contraceptive use in Sub-Saharan Africa

Arnstein Aassve is a professor in demography, current director of the PhD program in Public Policy and Administration and former dean of the Undergraduate School at Bocconi University. He is honorary fellow at University of Wisconsin – Madison, associate editor of the European Journal of Population and chair of the ERC panel for the social sciences and humanities starting grant SH3. His research lies in the intersection of sociology, demography and economics and is currently focused on studying the effects of globalisation and culture on demographic outcomes. He is the holder of an advanced ERC grant entitled Institutional Family Demography (




Coffee break

Location: Conference floor, foyer


The power and authority of international organizations

Location: Belvedere Hall
Chair: Niko Pyrhönen

Marjaana Rautalin & Jukka Syväterä: International Organizations as Theorists of the Social World
Sanna Saksela-Bergholm: Fair Working Conditions: Exploring the Contribution of Cooperation Initiatives Between Social Partners and Labour Inspection Authorities (SPLIN)
Valtteri Vähä-Savo: Identity Work in International Meta-organizations
Irem Yildirim: Defending Workers’ Rights in the Global South: International Trade Unionism in Colombia and Turkey

Identity, memory and conceptions of migrants

Location: Vittorio Emanuele Hall
Chair: Gwenaëlle Bauvois

Julia Van Dessel: Protection, Information or Propaganda? Three Narratives Surrounding Awareness-Raising Activities about Irregular Migration in Niger
Sylvain Beck & Benedicte Brahic: French Migrants, the Global (transnational) Social Question and Colonial Memory
Meltem Yilmaz Sener: Discrimination Perception as a Reason for Return Migration


Farewell wine tasting and snacks

Location: The garden (weather permitting).

Wine tasting and snacks

A Short Introduction to the Sociology of Wine
David Inglis

Farewell words
ESA RN 15 Coordinator, Professor Marco Caselli