IX Conference on Childhood Studies, Childhood and Time, will be organized on May 10 -12, 2021

The Childhood 2020 conference organizing team would like to inform you that the IX Conference on Childhood Studies, Childhood and Time will be organized on May 10 -12, 2021 in Tampere Finland. The schedule has been updated on this site. We aim to keep the contents of the conference as inspiring and high quality as they were planned to be for this year. The theme will stay the same and most of the keynotes have also agreed on the new dates. During November 2020 we will open the abstract submission anew. In the submission form you will have three options to choose from:

1. You can maintain your previous submission as it is. Your submission will stay accepted for the postponed conference.
2. You can modify your abstract. The modified abstract will be reviewed, and you will be informed whether it is accepted as such.
3. You can withdraw your submission from the conference.

The call will be open until 17.1.2021. An email will be sent to you again during the fall of 2020 to remind you of the reopened abstract submission.
We will update information to our webpages and twitter.
If you have now registered for the conference, we will refund your registration fee. In order to process the refunds, we need your bank information. You can submit the details in the form, linked below:
We will open the registration also anew during the spring 2021.

With best regards on behalf of the organizing team,
Katja Repo
Chair of the organizing team

Picture: Siiri-tietopalvelu, Museums in Tampere, CC BY ND 4.0