Abstract Submission

The abstract submission will be open from 2 November 2020 to 17 January 2021

Please, submit your abstract of no more than 350 words. Abstracts should be in English.

Session types (all the sessions will be held online):

  • Paper (20 min + discussion)
  • Poster
  • Self-organized symposium (3 x 20 min + discussion)

If you want to submit a proposal for a self-organized symposium, please note that the chair has to submit an overall description of the proposed symposium as an abstract. Moreover, all the participants have to submit the abstract of their presentation separately. They should choose “symposium” as a session type and then announce within their abstract the name of the symposium the abstract belongs to.

Link to the abstract submission form:

Please use this form if you haven’t submitted abstracts for the conference before and want to make a new submission.